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 Brood Cow/Stocker: 

Accuration Dry / Liquid- 

Purina Accuration is a self-fed range supplement with controlled consumption.  Accuration limits feed intake to the amount needed to balance the nutritional deficiencies of any type and quality of forage.  All of its combinations of intake limiting ingredients have nutritional value.  It provides a concentrated source of essential nutrients that improves the performance and profitability of cattle on grass. The dry product can be mixed at different levels with your own corn to provide the proper intake to fit your herd's needs.  

Accuration Range Liquid 

Accuration Liquid protein is a 32% supplement designed to be fed in a lick wheel tank free choice.  This liquid is 70% dry matter and won't fall out of suspension.  Intake will vary depending on forage quality and availability.  This product is designed to be fed year-round to fill in nutritionally where the forages are lacking.  Typical intakes for the year average around 1.5 # / day.


Mineral - 

Cattle with mineral shortages or imbalances perform poorly in the areas of reproduction, lactation, weight gain, maintaining body condition, etc.—all of which affect your profitability.  Feeding high quality minerals to your cattle is vital for optimal return on your investment in genetics, feed, etc.  Purina has a family of minerals specially formulated for the mineral deficiencies commonly found in the soils and pastures of the area in which you live.  Minerals are too important, skimp somewhere else. 

We also carry a full line of mineral and protein tubs.  These include three different mineral tubs with Availa 4 organic trace elements.  In addition to our mineral tubs, we carry Accuration protein tubs.  This allows us to provide you the customer with the nutrients your individual operation needs.  


Feeder Cattle: 

Starting Programs: 

Purina’s Preconditioning Receiving Chow or Accuration Starter are designed to lower your initial cost of gain by getting cattle up on feed quicker and by minimizing health problems.  Performance is usually determined in the first 45 days on feed; thus cattle that start good will finish good.  


Finishing Programs: Accuration Grower / Finisher -

These 2 products are for producers who want to improve feed efficiency on calves or yearlings that will be marketed for slaughter.  Impact is a feed product containing “intake modifiers” that increase the number of individual meals consumed per day while reducing the size of each meal.  This allows the roughage portion of the diet to be eliminated while maintaining rumen health. 


We also have a selection of pet food that fits your pet’s individual needs.  We carry different selections of dog food based on your dog’s size, age and energy level.  We also carry food for cats, birds, horses, any many more. 

Adair Feed and Grain Co. is a family owned and operated business and has been since 1961.

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