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We are a full Pioneer seed dealership.  We offer up-to date hybrid selection with the latest seed technology.  We offer seed corn in bags and pro boxes.  We are set up to fill any seed tender that you have.  We have a conveyor that we can dump bags or boxes into, and the conveyor will dump them into your tender.  

Benefits we offer

· Seed recommendations from a Certified Crop Advisor 
· Seed delivery at your convenience 
· Customized seed treatment options (Fungicides, Insecticides & Inoculants)  
· Quantity savings & early pay discounts 
· Deferred payment options 
· No hassle return/exchange policy 
· Crop consulting services by Certified Crop Advisor 
· Weigh wagon services 
· Yield mapping services available for nearly all yield monitors


Our beans are available in bags, boxes, jumbo bags, and true bulk.  We like to think this is an advantage for our customers, because this allows you to get exactly the number of bags you want.  With us there is no ordering in 50 bag increments.  We have a Gustafson seed treatment applicator for beans.  This allows us to treat beans at your request, even if you decide to treat the day you pick beans up.  We can treat any amount of beans that you request.  The treatment we use is Gaucho Insecticide, Trilex/Alligence Fungicide, and Optimize Inoculant/Growth Promoter.

Adair Feed and Grain Co. is a family owned and operated business and has been since 1961.

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