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We sell Meridian seed tenders that will fit your operations specific size.  We have many options and choices to choose from.  We have spouts to fill bulk planters or planters with boxes.  We can add scales to the tenders as well.  Not only do we sell tenders, but we carry a full line of parts to service any Meridian tender you might have.  We can ship parts out daily at your convience.  Below is a list of seed tenders we sell.

Pro Box Tenders 

  • Seed Titan 2-T

  • Seed Titan 2SE-T

  • Seed Titan 4SE-T

  • Seed Titan 4SE-BWT


Bulk Seed Tenders

  • Bulk Seed 110 BST

  • Bulk Seed 220 BST

  • Seed Express 240RT6-T

  • Seed Express 240RT6-BWT 

  • Seed Express 240RT8-T

  • Seed Express 240RT8-BWT

  • Seed Express 375RT6-T

  • Seed Express 375RT6-BWT

  • Seed Express 375RT8-T

  • Seed Express 375RT8-BWT

  • Seed Express 600RTC

Self Loading Tenders

  • Seed Express 275BH-6DX

  • Seed Express 275GN-6DX

  • Seed Express 275BH-8DX

  • Seed Express 275GN-8DX

  • Seed Express 375BH-6DX

  • Seed Express 375GN-6DX

  • Seed Express 375BH-8DX

  • Seed Express 375GN-8DX

Check with us regularly to get a listing of our USED tenders!


Call for prices or any questions you might have, and we will be glad to help.

Adair Feed and Grain Co. is a family owned and operated business and has been since 1961.

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